Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Featured Item-Wednesday

There are sooo many great items and sellers on etsy and I just can't only do 2 a week. It is way to much fun going through Etsy and pick awesome items.I have decided I am going to do a daily featured ITEM instead of 2 featured sellers. I will still have some Info about the seller and then a description of the item and a link to their shop. Happy Browsing!


SO here is today's featured Item:

SleepDreamPlay-Lavender Sachet pillow

This pillow is so cute. It has the perfect amount of whimsy. It is a lavender sachet pillow that is 4.5"x4.5". The whole rainbow and field of flowers is very Wizard of Oz.I love the colors she used because they dont all moosh together, each one stands out. She has 2 of these in her shop along with some great brooches and super cute earrings that look like asterix.( which I almost made the featured item :) )

Here is the link to her fantastic shop:

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