Saturday, June 27, 2009

Featured Artist- MariaElena

MariaElena is my featured artist from Etsy today. She makes some really beautiful things with fibers,fabrics,and threads and such. Every once and a while I come across an Etsian who has this certain style that I am such a fan of. Its kind of that hippy/boho/earthy/warmth/colorful style. I have this certain taste that is hard to find. But like with MariaElena I find it. I love glitter, threads and fabrics but I am not always good with those things. I can sew and embroider but there is just a certain skill and creativity that you find in some people. MariaElena has these brooches that I am in love with.
I love when Etsians go the extra mile. She puts her pins on these cute little tags that have handstamped owls and what looks like water colored backgrounds. They are really beautiful.

She also makes these adorable crocheted nests that she decorates with various threads, buttons, yarn, feathers and ribbons. They are really funky and cute. It would be really cute if you had a little table where you stacked some old books and then set one of these on top.She puts these little blue or tan felted eggs in them which just adds the perfect touch. Putting one or three of them in would be great. I personally love the blue ones myself. That shade of blue is my favorite.

MariaElena on Etsy


  1. thanks for the lovely post! I broke my elbow a couple of days ago, and I am a little glum, this really brightened my day!
    mnany thanks!!!
    maria elena

  2. That's an awesome collection! I need to check out her shop!