Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The fever has already set in...

My Up north fever has already set in, and its early this year. The desperate want to be up north in the warm weather of June has already set in when it doesn't usually arrive till about April. I miss being up there dearly. I want to go antiquing, bike riding, tubing, sea glass hunting, swimming in the lake. Laying on the beach in the hot sun.
I seriously have the winter blues this year. I'm sitting at the desk in front of a window in our upstairs and it is STILL snowing. It has been snowing on and off for about 4 days. We have about 8 inches outside. Everything is so gray!
Here are some lovely sunny/summer things to help you out of your winter blues. :)

1) Hollywood Luxe earrings topaz---$16.00---kristinfriesen
2)Tangerine teardrop necklace---$38.00---christinareesedesign
3)Felt mushroom keychain---$14.00---paperfish
4)Sunset photo---$85.00---elgarbo
5)Tangerine bloom ring---$11.50---linkeldesigns
6)Specimen 652 print---$130.00---dsbrennan
7)Dahlia hair clip---$12.95---pinkpeppermintdesigns
8)marigold posts---$8.00---peapodtreasures
9)Lovely big yellow rose ring---$7.00---prettylittleme



  1. lovely blog! Yes, time for winter to end!

  2. So sunny and bright. Just what I needed. Hurry Spring!