Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lots of new things!

There are a lot of new things that have happened in the past 2 days! I am now at 99 blog followers, yay me! I've decided that whoever my 100th blog follower is, if they have an Etsy shop, I will do a full post feature on their shop. :) I am so happy for all of the support, thanks everyone!

Another new thing I have added is the Etsy shop advertisements on the side bar. I wanted some way to help promote other Etsy shops and make a little money. I thought about having Google put ads on here but I decided that that was too messy and annoying. So I found a better way! I am offering right now for anyone with an Etsy shop they oppurtunity to advertise on here with a picture of one of their items in the side bar. If you click these it will take you directly to their shop or the item pictured. If you are interested in this please leave me a convo on Etsy with a photo and link.It is free for the first 2 weeks and then $5/3 weeks after that.

Can't believe its almost March!

Happy Crafting,

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