Thursday, March 18, 2010

Etsy Shop Feature..senioritis

Name: Senioritis is run by myself, Garrick, and my sisters Beth and Jillian.

When you opened your shop: We signed up for an Etsy account in May of 2009 after browsing the site a bit and added the first item to our shop in November of 2009. We have had our own site,, since 2006.

How long have you been creating: Wow, ever since I can remember. I was the kid in school who carried a notebook just so he could draw in it during class ;) I always liked drawing when I was little and still enjoy it when I get a chance.

Your favorite materials: A lot of our work is done digitally at this point but when it's time to get the hands dirty any combo of paper, pencils, pens, & sharpies will do the trick :)

What you love about Etsy: We're still fairly new to the game, just had our first item expire earlier this week, but the buyers and sellers are awesome! Since the sellers are the ones making the products and keeping shop it's a very unique community. In our experience everyone has been very friendly and more than willing to help us out or point us in the right direction when they can which is always appreciated.

You favorite seller: Wow, tough one. We don't really have one favorite seller at this point, but feel free to check out the Friday Finds segment on our blog to see some of the different styles that we like.

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