Sunday, March 28, 2010

One of my loves.. glass bottles and jars

I have, for a long time, had an obsession with colored glass bottles and vintage jars. I use them for everything.(holding buttons and other craft supplies, for flowers, and for decoration and such)I probably have between 20 and 30 of them. I love searching for them at antique stores and browsing Etsy. I love how unique they can be and it is really fun finding one that is a weird color like purple, orange or yellow. I have seen ones that are shaped like fish or violins, and I have one with a horseshoe and a horse picture on it that is bright blue.

Hunting for them can be the best part because you never know where you will find an interesting one. :)

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!


(All images were found using google images or Etsy)


  1. Love your bottles! I have mostly clear ones. I store some of my small beads in them.

    Great blog! Very fun to read!

  2. It's amazing how something as simple as a bottle can be so decorative.. A bottle that stands alone, is just a bottle, but put them all together and they become beautiful decor.. Have a great week!!!

  3. Omg- I have a very similar obsession!

    Only, I've sort of narrowed mine down to blue glass bottles. I love going to the recycling center on a Sunday morning to see all the colored glass that others leave behind... Mostly from booze bottles, that I then remove the labels from and make into vases and other sorts of things!

    So glad to see there is another colored glass enthusiast out there!

  4. Amazing how can suddenly discover others who share our obsessions! My first taste of it came when I decided to try my hand at having a yard sale. The first thing to sale was the bottles I had rotated out! There is never enough room for all the ones I love.

  5. I am so glad so many of you share this obsession also!

  6. They are so pretty - I would enjoy collecting glass, although living in southern California has scared me off of it for now.I especially love the picture with the aqua blue bottle!

  7. I would really love to start collecting cool glass bottles like that I think I will keep an eye out for some! Thanks :P