Monday, December 27, 2010

pretty Things

These are my favorite! I couldn't think of what to name them and what they reminded me of but Bell peppers of course! yay!

I have the 50% off sale going in my shop which will hopefully be success, I haven't have had much luck with sales in the past but this I have been promoting like nobodies business. I have an ad running on and I have been in the forums, Facebook, and Twitter a lot. So sorry if I have been driving anyone crazy! It is not intentional :).
And since I have been trying to get rid of some of the old items I have been making tons of new things too. I have remade some sets that sold a while back like Lemonade Stand and Van Gogh inspired and have been making button necklaces that I hope to get out in every color.
Believe it or not my button supply is dwindling so I placed another order the other day and I have a huge shipment coming in. I always steal some of the ones that are for Robins Egg so I can make my own stuff.
Tomorrow I am going with my family and my sisters friend to the Treasure Mart which is antique store about an hour away from us so that I can find some cool vintage supplies to incorporate in my stuff.I will definitely post pictures either tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Wish me luck!