Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harry Potter

^^^This cute headband is byIt's quirk Shop
I made another Harry Potter Treasury!
I am going to Harry Potter World for spring break this year and I am SOSOOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited. It is going to be epic. So on account of my little adventure I am rereading all of the books to get in the spirit and because my best friend desperately wants me too. I am getting so into it again. There are so many details that you forget and that the movies leave out that just add to the story so much. I finished The Sorcerer's Stone the other day so I got in the treasury making mood.
I am also listening to Hedwig's Theme while I type this. Hmmm.. I am loving Harry twice as much the second time around considering I haven't read the first book since third grade....(bad bad me)
Oh before I forget here is the treasury link:
Off to Hogwarts
Reading the Chamber of Secrets

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