Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clearing out some buttons

I own a massive amount of buttons but I have been using fewer in my designs lately and I have come to discover that dyeing buttons is soo much more enjoyable!
I love it because you can make any color you could want. So I will be dyeing a lot more buttons from now on and selling the unique colors in RobinsEgg. I have 3 colors available in there right now and the colors are so rich and beautiful.
So because of this I am clearing out my personal button collection and only keeping my absolute favorites for my jewelry and bobby pins.

I have listed about 12 listings in my shop of my personal collection for you guys to use for your projects.
You can see the new listings here


1 comment:

  1. First, I didn't know you had another shop for supplies, and second.. You can dye buttons?!? That is awesome, and I would never thought to even try!