Monday, December 19, 2011

Change of Shop?

I haven't blogged in so long other than my Design Sponge application. I had started to abandon this little guy after my obsession with Tumblr. I just love how easy it is, but all my Etsy people haven't carried over from here to there. I have been considering some changes to my shops lately. I am thinking since Robins Egg has been sitting empty since the summer I may put it to good use. I am thinking of changing the name to Constellation Jewelry Co. I would use it to sell my more handcrafted and unique jewelry that I have made pieces for in the metal shops and jewelry studio at school. I want to make necklaces and such with more found objects from antique stores and things made with copper and brass and steel. I want to create for adult friendly jewelry, no buttons! haha.

Right now I am making more textile pieces for DWB and doing some beading. Our dining room table is currently a small mountain of beads and fabric. My mom wasn't too happy about that one.

We also finally took the leap and are painting our ugly paneled upstairs. It is going to be a pretty brown called Mesa Taupe by Behr. I can't wait till it's finished because it has been such a long time coming. It took about 5 years for us to convince my dad to paint it because it is such an enormous job!

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