Sunday, January 1, 2012

Featured Seller- Chymiera

Featured Seller- Chymiera
1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Since as long as I could remember , I am guessing about the age of 5, I wanted to be either a cop or superhero. In high school, I joined the junior Police Explorers where we lived, and I learned CPR and rode in cruisers with the police, I thought I was so cool.
2. If you went to college where did you go and what was your major?
After I graduated high school, I was walking past a pretty large dental laboratory that wasn't too far from our house to go to my part time job at a shoe store. I saw a small note on the door that read "Help Wanted, Inquire Within". So I inquired and was given a very mediocre office job, but learned many tasks in the lab itself. I was 17 years old . I fell in love with making teeth ie: crowns & bridges almost immediately and delved into all the how-to videos they had in their training room. I would go in at 5 a.m. just to watch 2 hours worth of tutorials.
After 2 years of on on the job self taught training, I took a better position elsewhere, and then again 2 more years later. It was at that third lab that I learned the skill of dental implants. I took college course credits and attended seminars in dental technology around the country.
At 23 years old, I managed a dental lab of 7 others all older than me, and bought my first home.
By the time I was 27, I had opened my own dental lab and that is still my passion today, however now, I have semi-retired and jewelry is my second passion.
3. What are your favorite materials to work with?
A lot of metalwork is involved in making gold or palladium crowns, and Im a master at it. In fact I dabbled in jewelry making in my early 20's because making a gold ring is the exact same process as making gold crowns.

4. If you could have any other profession what would it be?
There is no other profession on the face of this earth that I would rather be doing than either making people smile by giving them new teeth or by giving them new jewels. I think the stars were aligned perfectly that day I read that sign so long ago. Its as if it were meant to be and everyday of my life I truly believe I am the luckiest person alive. Many people cannot find 1 passion which pays their bills, I have 2.
5. How did you discover Etsy and what made you decide to sell on it?
My neighbor pushed me onto Etsy after I had made her some rings with her old & broken jewelry, I was smitten at first site. I thought "Now this is the place where I need to be".
6. If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing about selling on Etsy what would it be?
Getting started on Etsy can sometimes be sour grapes, when you get that first sale , you're like "squeeee!" , but then nothing .... and you wait and begin to lose hope. If I could go back & give myself some advice, I would say "Hey Chy, give it just 6 months, it will take off, have patience girl".
One more tip of advice would be to do as much self promoting as possible, use all your avenues like facebook and myspace , join some Etsy teams, post sales, events, etc...Chin up! ;)

Everything in this shop is so unique, some of the things used are unbelievably cool!
You can see her shop here.



  1. Thank you so much Julie darling!!
    I would also like to let everyone know that we have kicked off our new Year sale! Everything is the shop is 30% off !! Just use coupon code::
    AULDLANGSYNE at checkout in the coupon box!
    Happy New Year & enjoy!!

  2. Awe...I love the write up. I learned some things about our dear Chy that I did not know. I knew she was a genius with casting but that she started at 17? No idea. Thank you for showcasing our fantastic leader!

    Dr Brassy
    Nightmareonetsy Team Member