Sunday, June 21, 2009

Featured Seller- ThriftyTrendsetter

I usually find the sellers and items that I want to feature and that I fall in love with when I am just casually browsing through Etsy, but this time I found a fantastic seller in the forums.
ThriftyTrendsetter is a shop that opened in April of '09 where its owner, Kara, makes really fun altered paper products. I have tried: I don't even know how many times to make things like she does but I just don't have that particular talent. I always love altered books and things and this is a really cool place to find stuff like that.

Here are some of her coolest things along with the bird magnet above:
She has these ^ awesome altered notebooks and then she also has altered clothespins,picture frames, and bird magnets that are all made with beautiful papers. Here is the link so that you can come check out her shop.
Also here is her blog:

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