Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Constantly changing backgrounds

So... I have changed this blog's background again! Haha, I know I should keep it the same so that it has a "cohesive" look and people don't get confused, but I can't help it! I just fall in love with the many backgrounds that I find on ShabbyBlogs.com
So I'm sorry that I change it so often I just keep finding new ones that I think are better. I hope you like the latest fairy garden wedding background. :)

It has those poms that I love that Martha Stewart sells and that you can also buy on Etsy.

Try PartyPoms on Etsy where you can buy a single Pom for $4.00 or you can by 40 Poms for $120.00 if you are having a party. These are so fun, we got a bunch in blues and greens for my little sisters birthday party and they look awesome.
Happy Tuesday,

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