Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thomas Crown Affair

This is me blogging from my moms computer because mine is slowly collapsing.
I lovvvve this movie.( The 1999 version not the one from the 60's) I watched it with my mom a couple years ago and it became an instant favorite. It's about a man named Thomas Crown who is wealthy and is accused of stealing a Monet from the an art museum in New York. Pierce Brosnan(LOVE him) and Renee Russo star in it.
It's a must see if you like romantic/mystery/art movies. :)

Each year some of the seniors get to paint a mural of a famous painting in the hallways at our school and I get to do one this year so I chose to paint the Monet that Thomas Crown supposedly steals. Yay! It took me forever to decide what I wanted to paint because I didn't want to something stereotypical but most of the paintings up are I think because the school wants students to be able to recognize them. I thought, perfect! I am still painting a Monet but it actually has some other meaning to me because I love this movie so much. Hopefully I will start it next semester. When I'm done I will post pictures!


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